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San Diego Construction Litigation Attorney

Aggressively Protecting Your Rights And Interests

Construction claims and disputes can involve complex technical and liability issues. When you face such a dispute, it is important to retain the services of an attorney with extensive experience in construction law matters.

Bryan Snyder has been representing clients in cases involving construction claims and disputes for more than 25 years. During that time, he has successfully handled a wide range of cases and recovered more than $30 million for his clients. Mr. Snyder has a comprehensive knowledge of construction techniques, materials and business practices. This enables him to efficiently analyze the issues in a case and develop an appropriate legal strategy.

Providing Results-Oriented Representation

Clients of the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder, APC, include residential property owners, commercial property owners, developers, construction companies, design professionals, contractors and homeowner associations.

Attorney Bryan Snyder focuses on achieving results for clients in a cost-effective manner. Mr. Snyder is a skilled negotiator and also uses mediation and arbitration to obtain satisfactory outcomes for his clients. Bryan Snyder has also taken many construction law cases to trial and has the advocacy skills and resources needed to conduct complex litigation.

Call Bryan today for all your construction legal and litigation matters 619-752-1102.

Experienced Contractor Rights Attorney

San Diego construction litigation attorney Bryan Snyder represents contractors and sub-contractors in matters involving construction defects, performance claims, contract disputes and commercial disputes. Mr. Snyder's clients benefit from his extensive knowledge of construction industry practices and hands-on approach to construction disputes. For skillful advocacy in any type of construction dispute, turn to the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder, APC.

Contact The Law Office Of Bryan R. Snyder, APC

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer about a construction law matter in the San Diego area or Southern California, contact the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder, APC.

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