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July 2013 Archives

NHTSA Reissues Caution re 15 Passenger Van Safety

Two recent fatal crashes have prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to reissue a Caution regarding 15 passenger vans. The two recent crashes, in New York and Georgia,resulted in 10 deaths. The NHTSA caution warns that tire maintenance is particularly important for large vans, and that the tires need to be the appropriate size. The NHTSA also provided thefollowing safety tips:

Orange County Register Weighs in on Bike v. Car Confrontations

David Whiting of the Orange County Register writes an interesting article that is in today's paper on the bike v. car confrontations. He makes a few very astute points that I frequently see when I am road biking. The most common are bikers riding in groups and taking up all or part of the road. I get that bikers think they are entitled to the same rights as drivers. That doesn't make it smart or sensible to aggressively take an entire lane. What reaction do you expect from a driver when your group takes over a lane?

Driver in Fatal Collision with Biker Reportedly Drunk

A crash that fatally killed a bicyclist in Newport Beach was caused by a driver under the influence of alcohol, according to Newport Beach Police. On Monday evening, Danae Marie Miller crashed into a bicyclist on San Joaquin Hills Road in Newport Beach. She was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated after failing a field sobriety test. The Los Angeles Timesalso reports that Miller has a record of 16 previous citations for traffic violations, including speeding, failure to stop at a Stop sign, driving the wrong way on a one way street, and talking on a cell phone while driving. 


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