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November 2014 Archives

Highway widening project raises concerns about eminent domain

Thanks to our pleasant year-round weather and natural beauty, California boasts a healthy number of permanent residents and visitors alike. This also means though that with more people comes more vehicles, and more vehicles equals more traffic on our already congested roadways.

Falling tape measure kills construction worker on the ground

Even if you've never been on a construction site here in California, you probably know that these sites can be incredibly dangerous. From heavy machinery to structure collapses, there are a lot of things that can turn a normal day into one that involves a serious or fatal injury.

Understanding construction liability in California

Residents in California may benefit from understanding more about the laws concerning remedies for construction defects. State law prohibits legal action from being taken more than 10 years after completing any substantial improvements. California civil code cites several instances where a general contractor, builder, subcontractor, designer, supplier or other similar professionals may be excused from liability, loss or damages.


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