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July 2015 Archives

Balcony collapse sheds light on construction issues

Building codes are in place to help keep structures safe and secure by helping to ensure that they are properly built. A recent story out of Berkeley shows that building codes can't necessarily be universal from one place to another. Instead, these codes have to take environmental concerns into account.

Determine if your construction delay claim demands action

Last week, we discussed some various aspects of construction delays. If you recall, we discussed how it is possible to seek compensation for those delays if certain criteria are met. We know that any delays for your construction project can cost you money and have negative impacts on your life or business. We know that you don't want to have to deal with those effects.

What are construction delays and how does compensation work?

When a construction project is scheduled, the contractor and the owner work together to come up with a contract for the project. That contract usually includes a timeline for the project. In most cases, some foreseeable delays, such as added days for inclement weather, are included in the timeline. In some cases, there might be delays to the project that weren't included in the timeline. If that occurs, it might be possible for the contractor or the owner to receive compensation for the delay.


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