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March 2016 Archives

Why you need to know your zoning laws

One of the most common ways government regulations can impact your construction project is through zoning laws. Zoning laws can delay your project, make it more expensive than you planned and, in some cases, make it impossible to complete your project. No matter how you are involved in a construction process -- whether you are a property owner, contractor or financial backer -- understanding zoning laws can help you reach a successful outcome for your project without shelling out unnecessary funds or fighting fruitless legal battles.

Helping commercial property owners recover damages for construction defects

Land in Southern California is among the most desirable and expensive in all of California. In addition to there being more demand than supply for developable land, there are numerous issues that can arise during the building phase of a commercial or residential property related to the stability of the soil, proper drainage and compliance with building and environmental regulations.

Not all construction delays are created equal

A construction delay is anything that keeps progress on a project from moving forward, especially if it keeps the project or a milestone within the project from being completed on time. Construction delays aren't good for anyone. They hold up resources and payments for contractors and vendors, and they keep project owners from working to earn on their investments.


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