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November 2016 Archives

3 things you can do when faced with contractor problems

When you hire a contractor to complete building or repairs on your site -- whether it's residential or commercial -- you have some expectation that the contractor will complete the job he or she signed up for. The contractor, conversely, has some expectation that you will pay for the work that is done. These expectations should be spelled out in a contract, which is a legal protection for both you and the person doing the work.

Voters agree to Proposition 51 to fund school building

One of the items on the ballot in California on Tuesday was Proposition 51. The bill included the funding of school construction projects across the state -- to the tune of $9 billion in state funds in the form of a bond. The money will be set aside to be provided to localities that need to repair existing buildings or construct new ones. The goal is to match local funding on such projects.


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