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December 2016 Archives

Can you stop scope creep from derailing construction projects?

Scope creep can be one of the most disastrous and expensive things to occur in any construction project, and it's especially frustrating when it comes from the other party. If you're the property owner, scope creep can mean ever-rising expenses and a timeline that stretches on for what seems like forever. If you're the contractor, scope creep can mean that the client expects you to deliver things that aren't possible in the budget and timeline provided.

Know how to seek compensation for substandard construction

Your home is your castle, but when the contractor working on your home doesn't do the job up to par, you might be left with a crumbling castle. We know that you would never hire a contractor who you thought was going to do a shoddy job; however, if that does happen, we are here to help you seek compensation for the substandard work.


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