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Don't let the contingencies hang up your construction project

If you are a contractor, one risk management tool to include in your contract with homeowners is the construction contingency clause. This is a percentage of the contract value that is reserved for unanticipated changes in your work's breadth and scope.

Think about your options when you have a construction defect

As we recently discussed, construction law encompasses a host of issues that impact this field. One area that is particularly distressing is when a homeowner is subjected to a contractor who doesn't do what the homeowner paid for. This can leave the homeowner with a portion of the home that isn't usable. In the worst cases, the entire home will be uninhabitable.

Take action when something is amiss in a construction project

Construction disputes aren't ever pleasant for either party; however, there are times when they become necessary. You shouldn't have to live with a substandard result. Whether you are dealing with defective products or improper planning, getting the problem corrected is a top priority.

Disagreements abound over cause of California's 'leaning tower'

A lot of planning has to go into getting a building constructed. When you hire contractors to plan the project and get it going, the last thing that you want to happen is to find out that there are issues with the building. The foundation is one important consideration, especially in California, where earthquakes are a constant threat to structures.

What is a contractor's lien and when is it used?

When you have work done on your home, you might not be asked to pay for everything upfront. This doesn't mean that you won't have to pay. Construction companies can file for a contractor's lien on your property if you don't pay for the work that was done.

The bullet train's future is up in the air for now

Construction projects have to meet all applicable laws or they are at risk of being shut down. The so-called bullet train that is set to be built in California has several laws to comply with. One type of law that it has to meet is an environmental law; however, the $64 billion train is at risk of being delayed.

Know your options for unaddressed soil issues in construction

There are many different things that you have to consider when you are going to build a structure in California. One of the very important points is the soil stability. If there is an adverse soil condition in the area, it would need to be addressed before you could build your structure. People who aren't familiar with this issue usually turn to a knowledgeable person to help them come up with a plan and execute that plan.

Soil conditions can impact foundation stability

When you have a house or other structure built, you assume that the contractor has taken proper steps to ensure that the structure is going to be stable. The last thing that you expect is to find out that there are foundation problems that could have been prevented if the area had been properly prepared.

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