Getting Compensation For A Construction Injury

Attorney Bryan Snyder represents clients who have been injured while working in the construction industry. Despite the increasing amount of safety regulations in place to protect workers, the construction industry is still one of the most dangerous professions, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control.

For example, in 2006, more than 1200 construction employees were fatally injured while performing their job duties. Statistics show that workplace deaths among electricians, roofers, painters, and drywall installers have increased in recent years.

The increase in workplace injuries and fatalities in the construction industry has created a special need for construction lawyers who specialize in this area of the law. San Diego construction injury lawyer Bryan Snyder has more than two decades of experience protecting the legal rights of clients during courtroom trials throughout California and Arizona.

While there are many personal injury attorneys in Southern California and San Diego, hiring an attorney who specializes in a certain type of work-related injury can be difficult. San Diego construction injury lawyer Bryan Snyder litigates construction injury cases for clients who have suffered all types of workplace injuries. In addition to construction injury cases, he also litigates a wide range of construction cases which is why clients rely on his knowledge of the industry to provide the best advice on how to proceed to protect their legal rights.

Construction injuries are an unfortunately common aspect of the construction industry. Attorney Bryan Snyder has litigated hundreds of construction injury cases in Southern California and is licensed to practice law in both California and Arizona.

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While some construction injuries result in fatalities, others amount to minor injuries. Regardless of the severity, government agencies review each case and document what went wrong in order to warn the industry about construction accidents that can be prevented to save lives. The Center for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have implemented a program which conducts investigations about fatal injuries in the construction industry as well as other sectors.

Examples of common construction injuries documented by the CDC include accidents involving:

  • Falling from roofs and scaffolding
  • Collisions with construction vehicles
  • Construction workers hit by oncoming traffic while working roadside
  • Electrocution from frayed wires or electrical equipment
  • Collisions with falling steal beams
  • Contact with power lines

No matter what type of construction injury you may have suffered, San Diego construction injury lawyer Bryan Snyder is dedicated to providing personalized service to all clients and is able to provide sound advice on the specific actions necessary to prevent a construction injury from causing further physical, emotional and economic damage.

In some cases, workers' compensation insurance may provide the resolution necessary to compensate an employee who has been injured while working on a construction site. There are situations though which allow an injured construction worker to receive compensation from a non-employer in civil court. San Diego construction injury lawyer Bryan Snyder evaluates the circumstances of every construction injury case to determine all the appropriate avenues of recovery.

Recovery is dependent upon many factors and time is one of them. Recovering from an injury may seem like a challenge all its own and balancing the demands of a lawsuit can take its toll on clients. At the Law Offices of Bryan Snyder, our staff is dedicated to providing prompt communication about the details of your case in order to ease the stress that accompanies a potential lawsuit.

Deciding to take your construction injury case before a jury can become a race against the clock if proper paperwork is not filed with the correct agencies. Finding the right attorney who has experience in the construction arena ensures that all the procedural channels are followed to maintain the best position possible to enforce your rights.

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