Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are a fuel-efficient and exciting way to travel and commute. Unfortunately, their small profile and being open to the road make them one of the most dangerous vehicles in even the best conditions.

No biker needs to be told how dangerous riding can be. What you do need to know is that if a careless driver, poor highway design or defective safety equipment causes you to suffer an injury or loss, you need to contact an experienced accident lawyer. On your side, you will need a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer defending you against the insurance companies.

San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer Bryan Snyder is ready to help you fight for your rights to ride safely when you have suffered from a crash.

After all, traveling on two wheels doesn't mean you have any less right to be on the road.

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Accidents on motorcycles frequently involve a simple failure. Whether that failure is human or mechanical, it is frequently catastrophic. Out of the thousands of ways a biking accident can occur, some of the most common ones seen by attorney Bryan R. Snyder include:

  • Failure of a safety device. Helmets, crash pads, or skid suits can fail to live up to manufacturer standards for protection, and when they do and that failure results in injury, you could be entitled to compensation for the loss and suffering you endure.
  • Motorcycles and mechanical failure. If a part in your bike fails, it could result in devastating if not life threatening injuries.
  • Poor roadway design. These frequently overlooked causes of bike accidents can endanger the life and safety of bike riders though poorly planned turns, steep grades, or conditions that cause the road to deteriorate past the point for safe travel.
  • Inattentive drivers. Perhaps the simplest and most common cause of accidents are drivers that fail to take into account the fact that motorcycles are everywhere. When car drivers think they own the road, accidents occur and lives are changed forever.

If you or someone you know has been injured on a construction site, call 619-752-1102 or 800-611-2581.

Motorcycle Accidents And Insurance Companies

Only part of the danger of motorcycle accidents in San Diego are the hazards on the road. One thing that many victims of these situations only appreciate after the fact is the nature of insurance companies to take advantage of people at their most vulnerable moments.

Bryan Snyder will represent you to every insurance company involved, be it:

  • Another driver's
  • Government agency
  • Even your own if they are contesting some issues with your case

Accidental or seemingly-benign statements that you make to an insurance company can be held against you and diminish your ability to collect the full amount of money you are owed. Insurance companies try to reduce their liability, and fighting with them takes energy and time better spent on recuperating and putting your life back together.

If you were injured in a San Diego motorcycle accident, you absolutely need to contact Bryan Snyder before you talk to any insurance company, even your own.

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