"I found myself in an untenable situation where I had paid full price, $26,000, for a residential solar energy system, in which the company used solar panels that were not approved for use by my utility company, a fact that this company willfully kept from me. After additional information came forward, I sought legal representation and a word-of-mouth referral brought me to you. Your direct contact with the solar company's CEO not only brought much-awaited action in getting my solar system up and operating, but you also were able to secure for me substantial financial compensation. This result was due to some skillful negotiating on your part." – Michael W.

"If you need a good lawyer we recommend Bryan Snyder, but also know besides being a good lawyer, he cares, and takes the time to get to know you and your situation. He listens to your thoughts and concerns. He guided us and prepared us every step of the way. We are grateful for all he did for us."

"Facing a very traumatic event in our lives we were in need of an attorney. Residing in NJ we anticipated some obstacles along the way but there were none. Bryan was the consummate professional. We never had to contact him regarding case status. He kept us informed and resolved the case in a timely manner. Most impressive and appreciated however was the compassion he showed us throughout. We were fortunate to have an attorney as experienced, professional and empathetic as Bryan and to him we will be forever grateful."

- G. & C. Carpenter

"During my remodel, I had a challenging situation arise with a local flooring company, who refused to pay for the damages they caused and the expenses I incurred when their product failed. Two independent inspectors held the flooring company 100% at fault, but still the flooring company would not reimburse me. It became unpleasant and I needed help. I wish I had called Bryan Snyder sooner in the ordeal. From start to finish, he was knowledgeable, professional, and helpful, careful with our time and my money. I brought to him a cloud of emotions, a flurry of emails, a stack of inspections and invoices and he was always rational and calm. Easily, painlessly, he helped me resolve this issue. I was paid in full. Thank you, Bryan!" -- Miranda H.