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California has seen a slight increase in construction related deaths in the last three years.

The possibility of injuries and fatalities while working in the construction industry are often seen as an assumed risk. A recent report in Crain’s discussed this risk, noting the connection with construction work and high risk is not a new one. Almost 30 workers perished while completing the Brooklyn Bridge and 60 died during the completion of the original World Trade Center. In response to these dangers, laws and regulations were passed to help reduce the risk of fatalities. Ultimately, the report finds that although there are benefits to these regulations and the increased efforts to providing a safe working environment, the risk of suffering from a fatal injury while working construction has increased in recent years.

Construction accident statistics California

Although the report in Crain’s focused on the dangers present in New York, California is also facing a slight increase in construction industry fatalities. The State of California’s Department of Industrial Relations, an agency designed to improve working conditions throughout the state, provides data on conditions of labor in the state. According to this information, posted in the annual publication Fatal Occupational Injuries, fatalities in the construction industry are on the rise in recent years.

  • 2014. Preliminary data for 2014 finds 47 people were killed in the state due to construction accidents. The majority of deaths were within the specialty trade sector of the construction industry, with 30 suffering from fatal injuries. This includes contractors with specialties in the electrical, plumbing and concrete fields. The second most common division was the construction of buildings, both residential and commercial, with 11 deaths.
  • 2013. 61 people were killed in construction accidents. 37 within the specialty trade sector and 10 in construction of buildings.
  • 2012. 58 deaths were reported with 33 in the specialty trade sector and 12 in building construction.

This totals 166 deaths in a span of three years, a 5 percent increase over the previous three year period.

Importance of legal counsel

It is important for victims of these accidents to know that remedies are available. However, determining the right legal course of action after a construction accident can be difficult. In some cases, workers’ compensation claims may be the proper avenue. In others, additional compensation may be available through a civil suit. As a result, it is wise for victims to seek the counsel of an experienced construction injury lawyer. This legal professional will review the details of your case and work to better ensure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.