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All construction issues require immediate attention

Any issues with a construction site require that the impacted party take action. This can be a homeowner, but it might also be a construction worker. We are familiar with construction law and are ready to represent any impacted people while they take steps to rectify the situation that they are facing. No matter what problems you have right now, we can work with you to figure out your next steps.

For the property owner, there is a need to make sure that the construction project is done without any issues. Construction defects, such as the problems that can lead to toxic mold, must be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, handling these can mean that the property owner is out of a lot of money and might even be unable to use the property until it is fixed.

Toxic mold: A serious construction defect result

There are many different types of construction defects that can occur. Some defects, such as putting windows in improperly or failing to ensure roofs are installed correctly, can lead to toxic mold problems. This is because the defects allow moisture into areas of the home where they shouldn't be.

When there is an issue with toxic mold, there is a chance that the occupants, and even visitors, of the home can suffer from negative health impacts. You might not always be able to see the mold growing, so you should be aware of other signs that there is a problem. One of these is that there is a musty smell in the home. Another thing to watch for is signs of water damage on ceilings, walls and floors. When you notice these, there is a chance that mold is growing.

Construction defects might be found in a home inspection

Sometimes, people who have a construction project completed realize that there are issues with it right away. Other times, there might be problems that don't become evident for a while. One time when issues might be pointed out is during a home inspection. When this happens, the seller might be liable for correcting the issues. That seller might opt to turn to the contractor who did the project to get things handled. In some instances, this might require a lawsuit.

There are a few issues that might come up that could fall on the original contractor. These are ones that aren't caused by regular wear and tear on the home. One of these is when there is a problem with the ground draining back toward the home. The standing water near the home can start to cause serious problems with the foundation. This is a costly issue to fix, so it must be handled early and swiftly. It is better to have the project laid out and planned with possible drainage issues being addressed before construction.

Do you want to build trust with your customers?

In the construction business (or maybe any business), good customer service is all about establishing credibility with your customers. To do that, you need to gain their trust.

If you really want to build trust with your customers -- and protect your business from legal issues at the same time -- start with a good contract.

Know your rights when dealing with building contractors

Hiring a building contractor for a project is a major decision. When you have bids coming in, you need to pay close attention to the terms that are included in the bid. There are sometimes cases in which the least expensive bid isn't going to be the best. The same is true about the highest bid. We know that this is a lot to consider when you just need a structure built.

Throughout the construction project, you should keep an eye on the progress. This gives you a chance to catch problems before they become major. Of course, nobody expects you to be an expert so you might not see everything that is a potential issue. One thing to remember as the project moves forward is that you aren't a burden when you check up on the project.

Signs that a building's foundation is failing

The foundation is what provides a good portion of the stability for a structure. When there are issues with the foundation, the entire structure might be unstable and unusable. This isn't ever something that you want to deal with in a new construction.

It is imperative that anyone who owns a building or has contracted with someone to build a new structure understands some of the common warning signs of a foundation issue. There are a few ways that you can spot an issue in these cases.

Construction defects: Type matters to determine fault

When you hear the term construction defects, you might think only of something being built incorrectly. While it is true that this is one type of defect, there are actually many types of defects that might occur in a building project.

One of the possible defects is present before any work is done at the construction site. This is a defect in the planning of the project. When a building is erected, the contractor follows a set of blueprints. These outline everything that is necessary to know about the building, including all applicable measurements and placements of vital components like load-bearing walls. When anything is wrong with the blueprints, there might be a defect that impacts the structural integrity of the building.

Building owners should expect construction sites to be safe

When you hire a contractor to build a structure, you might not want to hover over the job site. Some people think that constantly checking on the progress might hinder it. The truth here is that you should stop in and check on the progress periodically, preferably unannounced.

There are a few different reasons why you might want to make trips to the site. One of the most obvious is so that you can check on how things are going. You might want to see if everything is coming along how you expected and what is coming up in the next few days. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions if you have any.

How can falling objects be prevented at construction sites?

Workers often have to climb to heights above ground level when they are building structures. When they do this, the tools that they use, as well as themselves, can become hazards to the people who are on the levels below them. There are some very specific ways that construction workers can help prevent these objects from killing or injuring others.

It is up to every construction company to have protocol in place to prevent falling object hazards. All of the workers for that company must comply with those protocol if they are working above ground level.

Construction disputes are complex and time consuming

Construction disputes can be time-consuming endeavors that are filled with legal aspects. We know that you might not have time to deal with these, so we are here to help you work through these matters. We understand these matters and want to help you find a resolution that meets your needs.

One thing that is true for almost every construction dispute is that the fate of the structure is in jeopardy. If the matter is a contract issue during the project, there is a chance that the contractor will stop working on the project. If the matter is a construction defect case, you might lose use of the structure until the issues are corrected.

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