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What causes Water Intrusion?

With the recent rains, many owners have experienced water intrusion into their home or commercial building. The causes of water intrusion are many, but some of the main causes are as follows:

1. Improperly installed flashing at windows and roofs. What is flashing? This is probably a good topic for another post, but generally flashing is a type of water proofing material around building openings, such as windows, doors, and roofing vents. Flashing can be as simple as a caulk material, or it can be composed or metal or other material. The installation of flashing at some locations can be a complicated and challenging assignment. Improper installation of flashing is probably the single greatest contributor to water intrusion problems.

2. Improper installation of roofing material. Roof tiles that are not properly installed, or roof underlayment installed improperly lead to water intrusion. Since water can travel some distance from the intrusion spot, roof problems can sometimes be hard to diagnose.

3. Improper water proofing at walls, particularly below grade walls. Walls that are below grade need to be waterproofed. Waterproofing below grade walls is more complicated than simply applying a water proof coating. Below grade water proofing errors can cause great damage, and can be extremely difficult to repair.

4. Defective products. Windows may leak because the window product itself is manufactured defectively. Leaks that come through the window corner often indicate a product defect.

Experts that we work with can help you to diagnose these problems. Please feel free to give us a call.

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