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June 2011 Archives

Building being Demolished due to Construction Defects

Demolition has begun on the McGuire Building in Seattle because of uncurable constrution defects. The 26 story apartment building that included retail shops on the ground floor was constructed only 10 years ago. The cabling installed as part of the original construction was found to be rusted and corroded to such an extent that the only recourse was to demolish the building. It is anticipated that the demolition process will take at least a year, and that 95% of the building can be recycled.

San Diego Police warn of Roofing Inspector Scam

The recent heavy rains have brought out a couple of scam artists who are targeting mostly elderly homeowners with a roofing inspection scam. Police report that a pair of female and male scam artists were targeting homeowners in the college area. Once they persuaded the owners to allow them in the home, cash and other valuables were stolen. Police report the scam was successful at two or more homes. The pair is decscribed a Latino or Middle Easterners in their late 30's. 


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