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Outlook Not Rosy for California Construction Jobs

Outlook Not Rosy for California Construction Jobs

Arecent study by the U.C.L.A. Business school has some sobering news for theCalifornia economy: homebuilding jobslost during the great recession will not be returning anytime soon. The U.C.L.A. report states that the pastpractices of large suburban single family home developments will likely bereplaced by more urban, multifamily housing. Multifamily construction requires far fewer workers than single familyhome building, and accordingly the study concludes that the housing sector willcontinue to be weak for the foreseeable future. A shift to multifamily housing will be driven by the growing desire ofyoung workers to be in urban style condo and apartment living.

The study concludes that the state's inlandregions will be most dramatically affected. The younger demographic is more likely to prefer a small urbanmultifamily unit, as opposed to a single family home that requires a longcommute. Inland California is predictedto see years of slow growth due to the contraction of the constructionindustry.

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