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Train v. Car Accident Sounds A Lot Like Insurance Commercial

Have you seen the Allstate commercial where the actor pretending to be "mayhem" causes a car crash when the GPS gives the driver a wrong direction? A recent car collision with a train sounds like life imitating this commercial. On Wednesday, a 63 year old woman visiting San Diego from Oklahoma ended up stuck on the Trolley train tracks after taking an inadvertent turn following instructions from the rental car GPS. The lady told police that when the GPS told her to take a left turn, she ended up stuck in the gravel on a railway crossing near Sassafras and Ketner Boulevard in downtown San Diego. When she heard a Coaster train approaching, she was able to get out of the car and run to safety. The train struck her car, causing major damage. The Coaster train was a little dinged up. Fortunately, no one was injured

Great Blog Post on Urban Biking

Steve Leveen has a great blog on the Huffington Post with respect to urban biking. Anyone who road bikes even occasionally should both read the blog, and get a copy of the book he recommends, The Art of Cycling, by Robert Hurst.
A couple of the more interesting points:Don't assume that all of the drivers who cut you off or make your life miserable on the bike are just a holes that are not paying attention. Leveen contends thatmost drivers are fairly considerate, but that they face their own stresses and pressures that occasionally can create havoc for cyclists as they are simply trying to drive somewhere quickly, and don't take the problems of a cyclist into account. Placing blame after an accident does no one any good. Learning the tips and strategies to avoid an accident in the first place can be monumental. Take a look at the article and the book. 

Fiery Crash that Killed Two in Coronado may have Involved a Carjacking

A fiery high speed crash that killed two and injured at least two others may have resulted from a botched carjacking, according to the San Diego Sheriff's department. The crash occurred on the Silver Strand near Coronado on Thursday morning following a pursuit of a pickup reported to have been carjacked. The San Diego Union Tribune reports that the carjacking took place in Imperial Beach at a 7-11 store. A woman approached the pickup with a knife and a pit bull. The owner reported the carjacking to the authorities, who quickly located the vehicle. When they attempted to pull the vehicle over, the car side swiped the Sheriff's patrol car, and sped away. The pickup sped through Imperial Beach and then north on Silver Strand. The pickup collided with a vehicle, flipped, and caught fire.

Texting Drivers at Great Risk of Auto Accident

A study at the Virginia Tech University Transportation Instituteconcludes that texting while driving puts the driver at much greater risk of an auto or truck accident. The study concludes that a driver who is texting while driving is 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. The study concludes that distracted driving is dangerous in three different ways:

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