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Great Blog Post on Urban Biking

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2013 | Firm News

Steve Leveen has a great blog on the Huffington Post with respect to urban biking. Anyone who road bikes even occasionally should both read the blog, and get a copy of the book he recommends, The Art of Cycling, by Robert Hurst.

A couple of the more interesting points:Don’t assume that all of the drivers who cut you off or make your life miserable on the bike are just a holes that are not paying attention. Leveen contends thatmost drivers are fairly considerate, but that they face their own stresses and pressures that occasionally can create havoc for cyclists as they are simply trying to drive somewhere quickly, and don’t take the problems of a cyclist into account. Placing blame after an accident does no one any good. Learning the tips and strategies to avoid an accident in the first place can be monumental. Take a look at the article and the book.

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