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Pedestrian Deaths on Rise

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2013 | Firm News

A report issued by the Group Transportation for America contends that pedestrian deaths and accidents are becoming an epidemic in America, partly due to the neglect of public safety on our roadways and sidewalks. The report, entitled Dangerously Design 2011, has compiled statistics and information regarding pedestrian deaths in the last decade. Some of the findings: 1.Over 47,000 pedestrians died from traffic accidents in the period from 2000-2008; 2.Pedestrians account for nearly 12% of all traffic deaths; 3.Despite the fact that overall traffic fatalities have fallen in recent years, pedestrian deaths have actually risen in the 15 largest metropolitan areas. Accidents,particularly those involving pedestrians, can be an emotional and physically challenging time for someone injured and their family. We can help. Call us at 619-752-1102, or contact us at for a free consultation.
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