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October 2013 Archives

Crash Injures at least 23 at Downtown San Diego Nightclub

A Taxi plowed into a crowd gathered outside of a Gaslamp nightclub injured at least 23 early Saturday morning, including at least one serious injury of a young woman's leg. News 8 San Diegoreports that police are evaluating witness statements to determine exactly what happened outside of the Stingaree nightclub at about 1:54 a.m Saturday morning. What is not disputed is that an Emerald cab driver, Sam Hassan Daly, appeared to slowly drift into the crowd of people who gathered outside of the club as it was closing. Witnesses report that the cab driver appeared to be "out of it," but police have indicated that they do not believe alcohol played a factor. It appears the driver may have fallen asleep.

CHP Cracks down on Texting Drivers in San Diego

More than 600 citations were issued last week by the CHP and county law enforcement in an effort to crackdown on drivers who talk or text on a cell phone while driving. The "zero tolerance" policy ran for three days, January 18-20 throughout San Diego county. Nearly 600 citations were issued for drivers using cell phones. Another 36 citations were issued for drivers reading or texting on an electronic device while driving. A similar, but larger campaign in November, 2010 resulted in over 1,100 citations. The CHP promised that their campaign against using cell phones while behind the wheel will be a prolonged campaign, and assured the public that similar zero tolerance crackdowns will be waged not only in San Diego, but also in Orange and Imperial counties. 

Wildcat Canyon Road Crash Leaves Lakeside Resident Dead

A two vehicle crash on Wildcat Canyon Road in Lakeside has left one person dead. CHP reports that Richard Banegas of Lakeside was driving north of Barona Resort last Monday night when he drifted off the side of the pavement. The GMC Yukon's tires hit soft dirt on the shoulder. The driver over corrected to the left, shot across the entire road, ran into an embankment and then rolled onto one side. A SUV driving south on Wildcat Canyon Road then slammed into the overturned Yukon. The southbound driver, and her one year old passenger were transported to local hospitals complaining of pain. Banegas was partly thrown out of his vehicle, and was declared dead at the scene. 

Missing Air Bags A Hidden Threat

A hidden threat to anyone buying a used car are missing air bags. A recent editorial in the L.A. Times outlines the problems. Cars previously involved in accidents where air bags deployed are later sold without the air bags being replaced. This problem led to 51 fatalities in 2010. A word to the wise: If you are buying a used car, investigate to make sure that the air bags are still in the vehicle. Companies, such as CARFAX, are willing to provide a vehicle history, for a small fee so that you can determine if the car you want to buy was previously in a wreck. 

Bicyclist Seriously Injured After Collision With Car Door

A 46 year old bicyclist riding east on University in North Park was seriously injured when he collided with a car door opened by a young woman who had just parked her vehicle. The bicyclist was riding east on University near Arizona street when a 22 year old woman parked on the street opened her car door. The bicyclist hit the door, and went flying off his bike. He fell on the ground and suffered a life threatening skull fracture, according to police. 

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