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Basketball Coach Helps Rescue Car Accident Victims

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | Firm News

By all accounts, University of Pittsburgh Men’s basketball coach Jamie Dixon is one of the most respected and well liked coaches in the game. He also appears to be one of the game’s better people. Coach Dixon was recently involved in assisting the rescue of two passengers trapped in a vehicle following a car accident. According to WPXI in Pittsburgh, Dixon was driving on I 279 North in Pittsburgh when he saw an overturned car by the side of the road with passengers trapped inside. The Pittsburgh coach assisted in freeing at least one of the passengers, and suffered minor injuries to his hands in the effort. “He was a Good Samaritan,” Pennsylvania State Trooper Eric Fisher told ESPN.Com. “That’s the way people are supposed to be.”

Hats off to Coach Dixon and his unselfish attitude!

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