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Contingency Fees and Personal Injury Lawsuits

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | Firm News

One of the most important concerns for anyone thinking about embarking on a personal injury lawsuit, be it for a car accident, wrongful death or dog bite situation, is how to pay for the entire process. The aftermath of such a trying time can be filled with expensive medical bills, lost work, and damaged cars, all of which require money that is already in short supply.

Combine that with the expense of hiring a lawyer to represent you in court, and you have another level of stress that you don’t need, potentially making your situation worse and diverting energy and resources that you need to put your life back together.

However, many personal injury lawyers understand your situation, your stress and your expenses, and have worked out a solution that is equitable for you both. This resolution is referred to in the legal industry as “contingency.” What this basically means is that you can hire a personal injury attorney to work for you, represent you, and fight for you in and out of court, and they don’t see one dime of money until you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Legal professionals work contingency for a number of reasons. Lawsuits, particularly ones that involve complicated accidents with lots of factors and variables such as contradictory evidence, witness testimony, and expert opinions. These expenses add up fast, and unless you have the money to pay for this out of pocket, people like you in your situation would be prevented from taking their cases to court and would not be able to get the justice they deserve.

It is important to note that some expenses are sometimes not covered by the lawyer’s contingency arrangement.Typically they include paperwork management, records request and certain other procedural issues. Your legal representative will disclose what is not covered by your agreement beforehand, and if they do not, that can become another point for a different type of lawsuit.

What it comes down to is this: your lawyer is taking a risk on your case, that they can win it and get you the compensation rightly owed to you by the party responsible for your situation. However, because the attorney is staking a large investment of time, resources and money into you, should you prevail in your case then they can claim a large percentage of the verdict in addition to any expenses they incurred over the course of representing you. This percentage varies from one lawyer to another, but this percentage, like the type of expense not covered by the settlement, will be spelled out in the contract you sign with your advocate prior to them getting to work for you.

There is no reason why you should not contact a personal injury lawyer if you were hurt in any kind of accident. Since many work on a contingency basis, if you lose you will not risk your own money or finances trying to get the justice you deserve. Finding the right one for you takes a bit of effort, but once you have the right legal representation, you can begin to put your life back together.

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