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Los Angeles Mayor hurt in Bike Accident

| Nov 21, 2013 | Firm News

Even those in powerful positions are mortal like the rest of us. On Saturday, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa suffered a broken elbow when he became involved in a car bike collision. The Mayor was out for a bike ride with his security detail, according to theLos Angeles Times, when a Taxi driver abruptly pulled out in front of him, causing him to fall and break his elbow. The Mayor did not actually collide with the vehicle, but in his efforts to avoid the Taxi, he fell from his bike. The Mayor had indicated that he does not believe the driver broke any traffic laws, but was not being “careful” when he moved in front of the bike riding Mayor without using his signal.

Villaraigosa was transported to U.C.L.A Medical Center, where he was treated and released Saturday night. He was wearing a helmet, so no head injuries were incurred. Apparently the Security detail was able to survive unscathed.

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