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Pedestrian Safety tips to avoid becoming a statistic

| Nov 21, 2013 | Pedestrian Injuries

Earlier, I posted some facts about pedestrian accidents involving death or injury. Some basic safety tips can greatly reduce the possibility of being an injury victim from a traffic collision while being a pedestrian. Here are some helpful tips to avoid death or injury while a pedestrian:

1. It is a pretty basic tip to cross a street on intersection in a cross walk. However, be very careful where drivers are turning onto another street at an intersection. For example, a driver making a right turn at an intersection is frequently looking left at the oncoming traffic before making a turn. The driver may not be aware of a pedestrian crossing the street to the right. The pedestrian should be very careful to make eye contact with the driver to avoid an accident or collision.

2. Increase visibility at night by carrying a flashlight or reflective clothing.

3. It is always much safer to walk on a sidewalk. If you must walk on the street, walk facing oncoming traffic.

Following these tips can greatly reduce your risk of being injured as a pedestrian in an auto accident or traffic collision.

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