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Texting and Driving: A recipe for disaster!

| Nov 21, 2013 | Vehicle Facts

As the father of a teen-ager, I know how popular text messaging has become as a means of communication. Text messaging, or using a cell phone while driving, is a particularly dangerous practice that leads to many accidents and deaths every year.

Consider these statistics: According to the National Safety Council, 28% of car accidents are caused by talking or texting while driving. According to this same study, 60% of teenagers reported that they have texted while driving. Another study has concluded that use of a cell phone while driving is similar to driving while intoxicated!

Texting is an effective and convenient means of communication. However, the evidence is clear: texting is not safe to text while on the road. Save your texting for when you are at the dinner table with your parents (like my kids). 

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