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Why is indoor mold so hazardous?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2014 | Construction Law

Construction defects can be very difficult to deal with, and many homeowners end up facing significant costs to repair or fix the damages caused by faulty construction work. In one of our previous posts, we discussed how mold in your home can be a sign of construction defects.

Having mold in your home is very dangerous and can cause serious health problems in some people. Homeowners of new construction and older homes should be aware of the dangers of mold caused by construction defects. What is mold? Mold is fungi and typically grows in warm, damp and humid areas like in a basement or area with water damage. Mold reproduces very quickly and makes spores, which can survive dry conditions and cause damage to your home and health.

Mold exposure in your home can be very hazardous, especially for people more sensitive to molds. Being exposed to mold can cause mild to severe reactions, which are listed below:

  • Eye irritation
  • Nasal stuffiness
  • Skin irritation
  • Wheezing
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Mold infections in lungs

Some of the more severe symptoms of mold exposure can occur in people with mold allergies. Even people without serious allergies to mold can experience some of the more severe symptoms in some cases, especially if they have been exposed to mold inside their home for a long time without realizing it.

Indoor mold exposure can be very hazardous. Homeowners should be aware of the signs and symptoms of mold exposure and check to see if their home has mold if they are experiencing any health complications or suspect indoor mold. If you do find mold in your home, be sure to contact someone to remove and clean up the mold properly to reduce any more exposure and to keep your family healthy.

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Molds in the Environment,” Feb. 18, 2014

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