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Does your home have any construction defects?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2014 | Construction Law

Owning a home offers a sense of pride and accomplishment for many homeowners in California. When you bought your house, you probably were happy and excited about having a place of your own. Due to the excitement, you may not have noticed potential problems with your home that may have only gotten worse with time.

Whether you live in a new construction home or in a house that was built decades ago, you should be aware of potential problems in your home that could be a sign of construction defects. Construction defects can cause very serious problems and be very expensive to try and fix.

Many homeowners are probably not aware of what may be considered a construction defect, which is why we have compiled the list below to help you become familiar with potential issues in your home that may have been caused by negligent construction practices:

  • Foundation cracks can be a sign of structural issues caused by poorly built homes and construction defects. Check for horizontal or wide cracks and signs of leaking water where the wall meets the floor.
  • Roof issues can occur if the roof is sloped or if the shingles are curved or cracked. Some of these issues can be caused by weather, but some issues are due to poorly installed shingles or construction practices.
  • Sloping floors can be a sign of structural issues caused by construction defects. Unfortunately, floors can be difficult and expensive to fix in some cases.
  • Siding needs to protect your home from outside elements like humidity and rain. Faulty siding products can lead to extensive damages to the inside and outside of your home.

Homeowners should be aware of these potential issues in their home as they could be a sign of construction defects. Construction companies and contractors can be held liable for construction defects, and you may be able to pursue legal action against these companies for compensation that can help pay for any necessary home repairs and damages.

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