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Insulation defects lead to lawsuit against developer

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2014 | Construction Law

When you purchase your home, you don’t expect the property to be riddled with defects that can lead to expensive repairs, damage and stress. When developers are building a property, they are supposed to follow standards and build a property that will not have defects.

Unfortunately, some properties have construction defects, even if they were recently built. A recent lawsuit filed against a developer in another state is an example of the ways new properties can have construction defects and the legal action owners can take against the developer or construction company.

A developer is facing a class action lawsuit over construction defects in a newly built housing complex. According to the lawsuit, the housing units have many defects with the heating and ventilation systems. The lawsuit also claims the units were not constructed properly and they are inadequately insulated. These defects have led to the units not staying warm enough. One plaintiff claims the defective heating has forced her to scrape ice from inside her home.

The lawsuit also claims that the developer is making a profit from the defective units by having the landlord sell electricity to owners who have to use extra energy to keep their homes warm during the winter.

While this case isn’t in California, it is an example of the legal action homeowners can take if their property has construction defects. When building a home, developers are expected to use proper techniques that won’t cause defects or problems. Homes that do have insulation issues or water damage due to construction defects can result in costly repairs. Homeowners who believe their home may have construction defects should contact an attorney to discuss what type of legal action they may be able to take against the developer or construction company.

Source: New York Post, “Lawsuit claims mogul’s building so shoddy, ice grows inside,” Julia Marsh, April 2, 2014

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