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The complexities of construction law and how an attorney can help

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2014 | Construction Law

You may not have considered this before but have you ever thought about the complexity of construction law? Unlike some practice areas, construction law finds itself able to interweave with other areas of law including employment, contract, and torts to name a few.

To give you a better picture, let’s take a look at where some of these areas of law come into play when it comes to construction law.

Employment law. Whether you simply own a construction company or are actively involved in day-to-day activities, employment law is present in many of the decisions you make about your business. From how much you pay your employees to acquiring workers’ compensation insurance for work-related accident, not understanding the implications of this area of law can lead to complex litigation down the road.

Contract law. This plays a role every time your company drafts an employment contract or makes a deal with a contractor. Contractual agreements must be carefully worded to ensure the protection of both parties’ rights. And as you may already know, even minor mistakes can lead to potentially problematic legal situations.

Tort law. After a construction accident, OSHA may investigate to determine if your business was negligent in any way. If safety issues are found, your business may be held liable in the form of citations and fines. But these might not be the only consequences. An injured construction worker may seek damages through civil litigation. This may require the help of a lawyer just like the examples above.

Despite its flexibility, construction law is still considered a niche area meaning not all attorneys are equipped to handle your case with the level of expertise you require. That’s why getting the help of a construction attorney is so key because they know what needs to be done for your particular case and can help you reach the resolution that is best for you.

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