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Construction delays and how they can lead to litigation

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Construction Law

You’d be hard pressed to find a construction project here in California that has not experienced at least one construction delay during the course of the project. Everything from bad weather to unavailability of labor can put a project on hold for weeks or even months despite both the owner and the contractor’s desire to complete it on time. Delays are common across the construction industry and are typically accounted for in the wording of a construction contract. Although these types of construction delays are often taken into consideration and generally don’t constitute a breach of contract, there are other delays that result because of the direct and intentional actions of a contractor or their workers. These types of delays not only extend the length of a project, which can increase overall costs, they can also push back the use of a completed project, which can impact revenues in the end. As our San Diego readers can imagine, these are the types of construction delays you want to address right away. If the delays had a significant impact on the project or created an undue burden on your finances or reputation, you may even want to take legal action against the contractor. You may want to recoup damages caused by the contractor failing to uphold their end of the contract or intentionally taking actions that damaged the contractual relationship. It’s important to point out though that construction law is complex, especially when it’s coupled with contract law. Without the right legal background, seeking damages in a civil lawsuit can easily frustrate a person or jeopardize their chances of getting redress from a civil claim. Here at the Law Offices of Bryan R. Snyder, Bryan Snyder has the legal background necessary to help you understand if you have a case and what can be done to seek compensation. He knows how important it is to recoup losses after a construction delay and he will work hard to make sure that you get the favorable outcome you deserve in the end.

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