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What should I know about toxic mold in a home?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2015 | Construction Law

Moving into a home is an amazing experience for most people. Once you move in, the positivity of the move might be diminished by the discovery of toxic mold. While mold spores occur naturally, the growth of toxic mold in a home can be extremely dangerous. What are some of the dangers of toxic mold? Toxic mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma and other symptoms. In people who don’t have asthma, respiratory difficulties are also possible. Do I have any recourse for toxic mold? You might have legal options available to help you cover the costs associated of the toxic mold. This might include the costs of the injury or illness, remediation costs and costs associated with structural damage. Generally, you can explore the possibility of including all related costs into your claim if you opt to seek compensation. Who can I hold liable for toxic mold in my home? There are several parties who might be liable for the toxic mold in the home. If you purchased your home from the previous homeowner, they might be liable if they didn’t disclose the mold if it was a known problem. Architects, structural engineers, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers might also be held liable for the toxic mold. It is vital for you to explore your legal options if you have found toxic mold in your home. Understanding what caused the mold and looking into who was responsible for the affected area might help you to learn your options. Once you learn your options, you can decide how you want to handle your claim for compensation. Source: FindLaw, “Toxic Mold,” accessed Sep. 19, 2015

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