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Common construction defects that lead to water damage

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2016 | Construction Law

As El Nino batters the landscape with increasingly fierce storms, understanding construction defects that might lead to leaks and water damage can help home and property owners protect assets. If you do experience a leak caused by construction defects, you might have a case for compensation against the construction company or contractor that handled your building or repair.

A very common type of defect is a facade leak. One of the reasons leaks on the facade of a building are common is that architects are being pressed to create new styles and unique designs, especially for commercial structures. But these designs aren’t always tried and tested, especially against certain weather conditions, and that can lead to leaks around windows or other exterior openings.

In fact, window leaks are another common problem that can be traced back to construction. Even in a traditional design, if windows aren’t installed property, they are likely to leak. Many property owners have companies make upgrades, such as newer windows, thinking that the upgrades will improve property value and reduce utility costs. If windows leak, however, those savings are lost.

Finally, improperly installed wood flooring can become an issue in even the lightest of moisture. Wood is prone to buckling and other issues when water is introduced, but during humid El Nino storms, you don’t want to see your wood damaged simply because moisture is in the air. Proper installation and sealing can help prevent this.

Understanding how water and construction defects work together to create additional damage during storms is important. If your construction company was at fault for some of the damage, then you might be able to seek reparation from them as well as from your property insurance.

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