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Dealing with landslides during and after an event

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2016 | Construction Law

In recent weeks, we discussed several ways that El Nino could compromise structures or result in construction damage or claims. For certain areas of the city, landslides can become a danger when continuous rain and running water leave the ground beyond saturation. Landslides near your home or other structures can be a serious concern, and poor construction or faulty land management can contribute to those dangers.

Landslides tend to happen in places where they have recently occurred, so you can assess your landslide risk to know how prepared you should be to deal with one. That being said, landslides can also occur suddenly in areas where they never have before. The Red Cross advises individuals to evacuate as immediately and safely as possible if they suspect a landslide danger. The agency also encourages you to notify neighbors of possible danger and help everyone clear the area.

Unusual sounds of movement outside might indicate a landslide, and an increase or decrease in the sound of rushing water if you live near a stream or river can also indicate danger. Often, landslides occur on or near roadways, which means anyone traveling during the rainy season should remain alert.

The Red Cross advises that residents who choose to or are required to evacuate take pets and other animals with them. Large amounts of animals, such as livestock, might need more management for a move, which means you should act sooner rather than later if you are responsible for large numbers of animals.

Once a landslide occurs, it’s important to understand your legal rights and what steps you need to take to seek compensation. Our firm works with individuals who have experienced losses due to landslides. We can help you understand whether a construction company contributed to the risk of landslide damage and how you can seek compensation for damages through legal channels.

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