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Helping commercial property owners recover damages for construction defects

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2016 | Construction Law

Land in Southern California is among the most desirable and expensive in all of California. In addition to there being more demand than supply for developable land, there are numerous issues that can arise during the building phase of a commercial or residential property related to the stability of the soil, proper drainage and compliance with building and environmental regulations. For land and property owners and developers in the San Diego area who are investing millions of dollars in commercial projects, problems can arise when those with whom they contract for supplies and services cut corners. For example, issues that may arise as a result of a builder’s or contractor’s negligence include structural problems related to cracked foundations and walls, electrical or plumbing issues and water damage caused by roofing defects. These types of problems may develop weeks, months or even years after the construction and sale of a commercial property. Regardless of when they are detected, a commercial property owner would be wise to contact an attorney who handles litigation cases involving construction defect claims.

Throughout Southern California and the greater San Diego area, the legal professionals at the Law Office of Bryan R. Snyder, APC represent property owners who have suffered monetary losses due to construction defects.  For 30 years, attorney Snyder has been litigating cases against negligent material suppliers, contractors and builders who fail to abide by specific building and safety codes and put profits before safety. Through his efforts, attorney Snyder has won favorable settlements and recovered millions of dollars for property owners.

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