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Current El Nino possibly in its swan song

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Construction Law

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the current El Nino, which has been a fairly strong one, is likely in its swan song. Predictions are that the El Nino, with its storms and wet weather, has a few more months before it cycles into a more neutral weather pattern.

What does that mean for California residents? It could mean a slight breathing period before El Nino’s counterpart, La Nina, kicks in early this fall. Meteorologists say residents shouldn’t expect a lengthy neutral period based on historic weather patterns.

When an El Nino is especially strong, as this one has been, it tends to be followed quickly by the La Nina. Luckily for California residents, while La Nina can bring some stormy weather to the Pacific coast, it is generally more associated with hurricanes and storms in the east.

As El Nino cycles down, it might be a good time for many California homeowners to assess their situation, particularly if flood or storm waters have contributed to any type of building or property damage. If faulty or poorly planned construction could also be at fault for the damage, then homeowners might have a legal construction defect case. If contractors or others failed to follow regulations to help prevent such damage, you might be able to seek compensation for the damage.

Taking time now, before the next weather-related event sweeps the state, can help you recover and prepare for the future. In California. The future could be sunny skies, cloud horizons and even wildfires stoked by the dry spell that usually follows an El Nino.

Source: The Seattle Times, “El Nino weakens, here comes La Nina, meteorologists say,” Seth Borenstein, April 14, 2016

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