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2 signs you’ve got roof damage or a defect

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2016 | Construction Law

Your roof won’t last forever, but you probably expect it to hold up for at least a few decades. Understanding the signs of roof problems is critical to locating a defect before serious damage occurs throughout your building. If damage does occur and you’ve recently had the property built or upgraded or had a contractor put in a new roof, then you might be able to seek compensation or reparation for those damages. One of the most obvious signs that something is wrong above is water falling below. If you’ve got water falling physically and visibly into the home or building, then you have a major roof problem.

More often with a new installation or repair, water will find a small, unsealed place to seep into. This results in water trickling slowly downward or finding a place to pool. Eventually, even with a slow trickle, you’ll see water damage or stains in the ceiling, walls or floors. Unfortunately, by the time you notice the water from a slow leak, your property might have sustained mold, mildew or other damage.

Another issue you might notice with your roof is that shingles are cupping. That means they are rolling up at the edges, creating a sort of bowl. Cupping is often a sign of aging shingles, but if you notice it with a newer roof, it could indicate a problem with attic ventilation.

Either water damage or shingle cupping is worth checking out immediately to ensure you don’t have damage that needs repairs. If you do require repairs, then speak to a construction law professional about what your options are for recovery.

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