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3 things you can do when faced with contractor problems

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2016 | Construction Law

When you hire a contractor to complete building or repairs on your site — whether it’s residential or commercial — you have some expectation that the contractor will complete the job he or she signed up for. The contractor, conversely, has some expectation that you will pay for the work that is done. These expectations should be spelled out in a contract, which is a legal protection for both you and the person doing the work. If the contractor doesn’t complete the work or doesn’t do so in a satisfactory manner, you can turn to the contract for some protection. One of the first things you can do is fire the contractor. To do so without impunity, you do likely need to be able to show that the contractor has breached his or her side of the agreement. Otherwise, you could breach the contract by terminating the services with out cause.

Next, you do have the option of filing complaints or leaving the contractor bad reviews to let other potential customers know about your experience. Complaints can be filed with the Better Business Bureau or professional organizations. Some licensing boards and professional membership agencies do take complaints; if your matter is especially serious and reflects a lack of professional work ethic or attention to safety, some of these organizations might even launch an investigation.

Finally, you can work with a construction law professional to seek a legal channel for your complaint. Legal channels, including hearings and lawsuits, can help you seek compensation for any damages the contractor might have caused with defective work. They can also help you get your work completed according to contract.

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