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Know how to seek compensation for substandard construction

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Construction Law

Your home is your castle, but when the contractor working on your home doesn’t do the job up to par, you might be left with a crumbling castle. We know that you would never hire a contractor who you thought was going to do a shoddy job; however, if that does happen, we are here to help you seek compensation for the substandard work. In many cases, getting your home fixed so that it is safe is the top priority after you learn of the issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t free so you might have to find ways to come up with the funding. In some cases, seeking compensation from the contractor might help you to get your house back to where it should be.

Another consideration that is sometimes present occurs when a person loses the use of their home from the time the shoddy work is discovered through the time the issues are fixed. That costs more money because you have to find a place to live during that time. You might also have to pay for food at restaurants and other expenses that might cost more than what would happen if you could live in your home.

We know that you are probably ready to get back on track with your home projects and the rest of your life. You might be tired of missing work and having to spend time trying to get things corrected. Opting to seek compensation from the contractor who worked on your home might be the ticket to getting everything resolved so that you can enjoy living in your castle.

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