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Construction workers face very real risks on a daily basis

Throughout the construction industry, there are some specific hazards that face the men and women who help to build and maintain the structures that people count on. These hazards can mean that the workers suffer from injuries in an accident. They also mean that some workers might die from their injuries. These workers might have claims for compensation available that can help them to make ends meet while they recover from their injuries or while family members learn to live without their loved one.

What types of construction defects might you face?

We often mention situations in which you might face construction defects and what you can do about those problems, but what types of construction defects are common? Construction defects typically occur because of a flaw in design, material or workmanship. That means that the design doesn't work appropriately, the materials are subpar or not meant for the job they are doing or the workers made an error or cut corners during construction. Here's a look at some specific places you might note construction defects in your home or building.

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