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What types of construction defects might you face?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2017 | Construction Law

We often mention situations in which you might face construction defects and what you can do about those problems, but what types of construction defects are common? Construction defects typically occur because of a flaw in design, material or workmanship. That means that the design doesn’t work appropriately, the materials are subpar or not meant for the job they are doing or the workers made an error or cut corners during construction. Here’s a look at some specific places you might note construction defects in your home or building. Doors, windows and other places where glass is involved are a common location for defects.

One of the most noted defects in such areas is a problem with sealing — for whatever reason, the opening is not properly sealed or protected, leading to moisture leaking into the home or walls. Improper sealing can also drive up home heating and cooling costs. A similar defect in these areas involves alignment problems; if the door or window isn’t properly aligned with the frame, cracks are present that can cause the same problems.

Foundation elements are another area where defects might occur. An improperly laid foundation can result in cracks and structural damage in the future. It could also lead to poor performance in other areas of the building. Even if the foundation is properly laid, if attention isn’t paid to possible soil movement in the future, the same problems can occur.

Electrical and other mechanical installations are another possible area for defects. If the wrong parts are used, jobs are rushed or code isn’t adhered to, there can be serious issues of functionality or safety in the future. If you believe you are dealing with any of these types of defects, consider working with a construction law attorney to seek compensation and reparation for any damages.

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