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3 mistakes you might make during the home-building process

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2017 | Construction Law

A new home is exciting. A home that’s not just new to you but is completely brand new can be even more exciting, but getting involved in the residential building process can be stressful. Here’s a look at three mistakes that new home owners sometimes make during what can be a complicated process.

Relying on the pros for all the ideas isn’t always the best path to happiness with your abode. Yes, professionals should vet your ideas or tell you when something you’ve dreamed up is impossible, but you shouldn’t look to them to design every aspect of your home or know exactly what your preferences are. While contracts and other professionals involved in the process can provide much-needed guidance, only you can decide how many bathrooms you need or whether you want an open or closed floor plan.

Another common error is not balancing needs and wants throughout the entire project. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll decide later on in a project that you really need or want a certain thing in your new home, but you — and your contractor — must remember that there’s a budget. If you add a high-end fridge, you might have to sacrifice something else. Otherwise, you’ll end up going over budget and might not be within your financing agreement at the end of construction.

Finally, don’t think there won’t be any delays. Even great contractors and builders can run up against obstacles that couldn’t be planned for, so when planning for your new home, give yourself a range of time if possible with regard to any move-in date. That being said, you shouldn’t have to deal with constant delays that are the fault of poor management or contractor mistakes. If you’re caught in a building project and believe the contract has been breached or other issues are at play, consider consulting a construction law attorney to find out about your options.

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