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California weather and construction defects

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Construction Law

You don’t always see construction defects when you look at a home or property, and families or individuals can actually live in a home for years without realizing a defect is present. In California, one of the things that can bring a defect to the surface is weather conditions.

While it is prone to extreme weather, especially in El Nino seasons, California is known for its beautiful, sunny weather. Seasonal weather is slightly different in the various areas of the state. Coastal areas in the south, such as those around San Diego, typically experience a Mediterranean climate. That means warm days most of the year, with winters coming with more rainfall that the dry summers.

Proximity to the ocean makes for milder climates, ensuring cooler-than-average summers and warmer winters. Those living on the coast do have to worry about flooding issues and storms coming in from the sea, though that’s much less likely for west coasters than our brethren on the east coast.

While San Diego weather is typically mild, a sudden rain storm or excess dry spell can cause structural damage that is exacerbated by construction defects. After a dry season, the parched ground might not be supported ample plant life. That means a sudden washout could carry off dirt; inappropriate foundations can put an entire structure at risk in such situations.

Other types of defects that can show up upon a sudden change in weather — especially when going from dry conditions to stormy weather — include roof, door and window leaks. Regardless of the type of defect, if you believe construction is at fault for issues — event those exacerbated by extreme weather — you might have a legal claim for restitution.

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