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Soil Movement and Erosion

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2017 | Construction Law

While Californians across the state welcome the rain, the amount of rain we got this past week has property managers and homeowners focused on soil stability and erosion control.


Soil erosion can go beyond destroying landscapes, it can cause structural problems and ground instability. Here in Southern California slope stability is an ongoing concern, especially during heavy rains.

The most immediate concerns of course are flash floods and mudslides. Not to long ago we saw the dramatic impact of such events.


Anticipating erosion problems can dramatically reduce soil instability. But not all soil problems are immediately evident. Occasionally, erosion problems are revealed suddenly after some event, like a heavy rain storm. In such cases, emergency soil stabilization techniques need to be deployed in order to minimize damage and stabilize the affected areas.


This maybe the first of several large storm this winter season. There is still time to prepare your property and prevent erosion problems from occurring.


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