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Cracks in the walls might signal a construction defect

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Construction Law

We recently discussed California’s leaning tower. These condominium owners are now facing heartbreaking and frustrating scenarios. The building is leaning, some walls are cracking and the property value has plummeted.

Any homeowner who finds themselves in a similar situation might decide to explore the legal remedies for their issues. One thing to consider is whether someone in the planning or construction phase should have known about the shifting ground and what repercussions may occur in the future.

If there is a reason to think that someone who planned or constructed the building knew about the hazard and didn’t take any steps to prevent possible damage, you might decide that you need to take legal action. In order to do this, we need to assemble your case and gather any evidence that can help your attorney present your side of the story.

We realize that your home is your castle. It is an investment that should be sound and solid. But when you first notice cracks in the walls, foundation or other components, your elation over the house might turn to dread.

Getting the issue corrected can prove to be a costly endeavor. You might have to move out of your home while the problem is being fixed. In very serious cases, there might not be any fix that is suitable.

When you decide to take action in these cases, you are seeking a way to recover the financial losses that the defect caused you and your family. Getting the issue fixed if that is possible should be a primary goal.

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