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Think about your options when you have a construction defect

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Construction Law

As we recently discussed, construction law encompasses a host of issues that impact this field. One area that is particularly distressing is when a homeowner is subjected to a contractor who doesn’t do what the homeowner paid for. This can leave the homeowner with a portion of the home that isn’t usable. In the worst cases, the entire home will be uninhabitable.

When you don’t have full use of your home because of a construction defect, you need to take action right away. You have certain protections under the state’s laws, but you have to take action to call those into effect.

We understand that you might not feel prepared to launch a formal complaint against a contractor, but time isn’t on your side. You need to take action before you lose your right to do so. California does have statutes of limitations that come into the picture in these cases.

You have to decide how you would like the situation rectified. Do you want the contractor to come back and fix the job? Do you want monetary compensation for the loss of use of the space? Do you want the contractor to have to pay you so you can get the job redone by someone else? We can help you to work toward the resolution that you feel is necessary in this case.

You deserve to have full use of your entire home. If you don’t, take the time to learn about the options that you have to regain what you have been missing out on. You don’t deserve to have to live with substandard work for a project you paid for.

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