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Construction defects might be found in a home inspection

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Construction Law

Sometimes, people who have a construction project completed realize that there are issues with it right away. Other times, there might be problems that don’t become evident for a while. One time when issues might be pointed out is during a home inspection. When this happens, the seller might be liable for correcting the issues. That seller might opt to turn to the contractor who did the project to get things handled. In some instances, this might require a lawsuit. There are a few issues that might come up that could fall on the original contractor. These are ones that aren’t caused by regular wear and tear on the home. One of these is when there is a problem with the ground draining back toward the home. The standing water near the home can start to cause serious problems with the foundation. This is a costly issue to fix, so it must be handled early and swiftly. It is better to have the project laid out and planned with possible drainage issues being addressed before construction.

Defects with building design or materials are another issue. These aren’t usually easily noticed but they can cause serious problems. Cracks in walls or uneven door and window frames are two signs that there are issues with the building materials or the foundation.

Stucco is another issue that might come up if it isn’t put up correctly. One primary issue is when the weep screed is buried by concrete slabs or other structures. The weep screed is what allows water that enters the cracks in the stucco to drain back off of the building. When it is buried or otherwise altered, there is a chance that water damage will occur in the home.

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