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Construction materials can result in possible defects

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Construction Law

When you have a structure built, you assume that the frame and weight-bearing areas will be strong enough to support everything. There are some cases in which this might not be the case.

This type of construction defect can cause some serious issues, because they can eventually lead to the building being deemed uninhabitable due to instability.

The type of material that is used to build the structure can have an impact on what might go wrong. It is imperative that anyone who is having a building erected learn a few of the possible issues.

Concrete is one common material used to build things. It must be mixed, placed and cured properly, or it could fail. In some cases, the cycle of freezing then thawing can cause distress that weakens the concrete. There is also a chance that certain chemicals might lead to problems.

When steel is used, there are some unique considerations that must be factored into the project. One of these is that the weld must be appropriate and strong. If welds fail, the structure might fail.

Each component that is used to erect the steel frame has to be planned carefully. Failing to factor in the torsion effects can lead to the steel becoming unstable. A brittle fracture can lead to sudden collapse of the entire building.

Even masonry can have issues. The joints can crack due to movement. If the temperature dips to freezing temperatures, this can also lead to issues. Thermal expansion and settling can also lead to problems with the masonry. In serious cases, the entire structure can crumble or slide.

All of these construction defects must be addressed promptly. Correcting them can be costly, so building owners might opt to pursue legal action if the contractor won’t stand behind his or her work.

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