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Common construction delays contractors must plan for

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Construction Law

When a contractor puts a bid on a project, there is usually a time frame included for completing it. The person who hires the contractor is counting on the project to be done on time. Whether the structure is for your personal use or your business, there isn’t any reason why you should have to wait to be able to use it. Contractors should plan ahead to include a time cushion just in case something happens that delays the project a bit. Trying to wait until the deadline to get things done is flirting with disaster. There are several things that might lead to a construction project being delayed. While some aren’t in the contractor’s control, there are many that are. Still, proper planning might prevent a person from having to wait past the final completion deadline. Here are some of the more common delays that can impact a construction project:

  • Money shortages on the contractor’s part
  • Weather events
  • Subcontractor problems
  • Crews who are overbooked
  • Unexpected changes in scheduling

If you look at this list, you can see that most of these can be prevented if the contractor plans for the project. Making sure that they have the cash to fund the work crew, materials and other aspects of the job can help. Keeping crew schedules realistic and firm can also help. Knowing the weather trends for this area is another necessity since it allows them to adjust the time frame based on what might happen during the project. When a contractor allows project delays to occur in a way that pushes the delivery date of the project off, you might be out of money and won’t be able to use the property as intended when intended. You may opt to take legal action in these cases.

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