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You deserve to have your structure finished on time

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Construction Law

We recently discussed construction delays and how they impact your project end date. The issue that often comes up in these cases is that you will have to scramble to adjust the move-in plans that you had. This can put you in a difficult spot, whether you are having a home or a business built, there might be other factors that you can’t adjust easily. If you are currently living in a home that you placed up for sale, you might not be able to push back your move-out date if the house is already sold. A delay in your new construction would mean that you have to figure out where you and your family members can live between your move-out date and the new completion date.

If you are having a building built for your business, a construction delay means that you might have to try to move a grand opening. This is no easy or inexpensive feat, especially if you have advertisements already running. You also have to think about the employees that won’t be able to earn their money if you can’t open on time.

Most contractors don’t want to have any issues since they rely on word of mouth for a good portion of their business. Others don’t really care and only want easy money. If you are dealing with one who seems to have an excuse for every problem and who is unwilling to abide by a contract, you might choose to take legal action. We are here to help you through that process.

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