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Construction lawsuits can sometimes resolve problems

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2018 | Construction Law

Construction problems are to be expected in many cases. Reputable and experienced contractors will plan for these issues. It is imperative that anyone who is going to have a project done finds out what kinds of delays, if any, the contractor has planned for. Even if this isn’t discussed in the contract, you can ask about it when you are discussing the project’s specifications and terms.

When there is an unexpected delay that occurs, you have to think about the reason for it. Was it something the contractor could have prevented or planned for? If the answer is “yes,” than you might need to read your contract to determine what recourse you have. As we recently discussed, this might be going through arbitration, but it might also entail filing a lawsuit in court.

There are many contractors who will stand behind their work. They will try to make things right with the client no matter what. These are the ones who you need to try to find because they know that word of mouth and reputation are everything in this business. Having unhappy customers is one way that a contractor can get shunned from an area, especially larger projects that might require references.

We realize that you can’t always prevent issues from creeping up during a construction project. When there are issues, whether those are due to delays, shoddy materials, or something else, we are here to help you vet your options. We want you to have a resolution that you feel is in your best interests. We will fight for you to make that happen.

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